Life After Divorce

{August 15, 2009}   Thanks, Darryl

I know… two posts in one day?  Unheard of!

Now that I am taking action, you will probably be hearing a lot more from me.  Sorry.  heh

So… I have been meaning to split up our phone service (cell) for a while, but it always seems like a hassle.  Steve has been harassing me to do it, so I finally got around to calling Sprint.  Actually, I called about a month ago and the guy told me that we would have to go together into a Sprint store in order to make the change.  Dude… we can’t have a civil text exchange without it erupting into WWIII!  Not going to happen.  So, I called today and explained to Darryl from Sprint that we are separated and moving toward a divorce and I didn’t want to deal with his bills anymore.  Darryl kindly explains that this isn’t his department and that he will have to transfer me to another rep.  Before he transfers me, this is what I hear:

Darryl: So, is there anything else I can help you with before I transfer you?

Me:  Nope, I think I’m good.

Darryl:  We are one step closer to solving your problem, and I do apologize for your marriage.

[crickets chirping for around 3 seconds]

Me: [erupts into a fit of giggles] Thank you [gasp]

THANK YOU, Darryl from Sprint.  You made my day.

I was then transferred to Beverly, who kindly helped me with my issue over the phone since I mentioned that a store might not be left standing after we got through with it.  She says to me:

Beverly:  I am sorry about your marriage.

Me:  I’m not.

Beverly:  Bahahahahahahaha, ahem… [snort] Is there anything else I can help you with?

Me: Nope… I’m good!!  😀

Thank you, Beverly, for saving us the trouble of some kind of videotaped argument likely to end us on YouTube.

OH – and the best news of all… My awesome pup has come to stay with me!  We are hoping that he can learn to live with my roommates’ cats (BC1 & BC2 – “bad cat 1&2”, or Lil Edie Tractor and BabyDrum Eatonton).  Welcome Pico!

Good thing he's not spoiled!!

Good thing he's not spoiled!!


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