Life After Divorce

{August 2, 2009}   Cue Choir of Angels

It’s amazing how things can change with a single conversation.  Calm down… I have not lost my mind and gone back to my marriage [shudder].  Let me back up a minute…

Since the separation began in January, my husband has spent countless hours telling me that he didn’t have anywhere to go once our lease expired.  I felt guilty, though I am not sure why.  When I got sick in February, he was constantly harassing me about signing another 6 month lease with our apartment complex.  I didn’t want to, but since he has been basically estranged from most of his nearby relatives for the better part of 2 years, I felt sorry for him and didn’t want to see him living in his car.  So, against my better judgment, and all the cries from from friends and family, and while on some pretty heavy painkillers post-surgery, I broke down and signed the lease so that he would have somewhere to live while he was figuring things out.

What. A. Mistake.

Not only did I get roped into another lease… I somehow ended up being guilted into paying for half the rent, too!  “I just can’t afford the whole thing,” he says.  “Then you shouldn’t have extended the lease!” I said.  “Well, YOU signed it, so you have to pay half.” he says.  [Enter grumbles and massive cursing here]

So, I have been paying half rent to my wonderful friend who kidnapped me from a horrible situation and allowed me to move in with her and her 4-year old daughter, AND paying half the rent for my jackass of a husband.  I thought the lease ran through the end of September and have been counting down the days.

But… I have recently learned that the lease actually ends August 31st!!!!!!!!!  [Cue choir]  I am So freaking thrilled!!  I have secured a storage unit and have started moving some of my things in there.  Unfortunately, I believe my “husband” is still laboring under the delusion that I am coming back… not sure why, as I have clearly stated my intentions.  I don’t know where he plans to go, as he has made no plans… but that is SO not my problem!!  I am turning in my final 1/2 rent payment along with written notice that we will NOT be continuing our lease.  Now it is just time to pack it up and say a final farewell to my old life.

Oh – Great news!  My friend Jennifer’s Mother, Kathy, and her brother Ray have agreed to take my awesome dog Picasso in!  I can’t have him here due to the dual cat issue, and as Steve will probably be living in a van down by the river ala ‘Matt Foley’ (Chris Farley, via SNL), he can’t take him either.  Thank you to Kathy and Ray!!

The Amazing Picasso (aka Pico)

The Amazing Picasso (aka Pico)


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