Life After Divorce

{December 7, 2009}   Facelift for the Blog

Well, it has been 17 days since the divorce was finalized.  It has been extremely liberating.  I have spent a lot of time with friends and family.  On the downside… still getting texts from the ex.  That should be a whole different blog.  Ugh.  I am planning to change my number this week.  Pfft.

So… a friend of mine suggested online dating.  I was very skeptical.  I dated mostly from online when I was young, and you know how that ended.  But, I thought I would just take a look around and see what was out there.  I enrolled on two free sites, just to check it out.  One site… lots of interest.  The other site is much slower.

So… yesterday I went on my first “first date” in over 11 years.  Talk about stressful!  The guy was sweet, and we just sat around watching college football and talking.  It was nice to talk to someone and to be around a guy again who was actually interested in me.  I don’t know if it will go anywhere, but it brought on some hope that I can probably do this again.

So – Weigh in… what do you think of the new look?  I debated starting a whole new blog, but was told that it would be better to keep this one going.  I just want to talk through life going forward, rather than focusing so much on the past.  And to my ex husband, who is apparently still reading this site to torture himself, please move on.  This blog was never about you.  It was about me, and what I have dealt with for the last 11 years.  I have moved on, and wish you would too.  Good luck to you.


Super says:

I agree in your post, but there must be an exact explanation on that.

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