Life After Divorce

{April 3, 2009}   Maybe…

This conversation was relayed to me after Lori and Em took a little drive…

Em:  Mom?

Lori: Yes, Em?

Em:  Why is there a bed with flowers on it in the back of that truck?

Lori:  I guess they are moving that bed somewhere else.

Em:  Maybe…. that person wants to go live with some other people.  Maybe… that person doesn’t want to live with their husband anymore.

Lori: [stifling laughter] Maybe… That is a distinct possibility [Thank you for the update, Lori!]

Em:  Maybe… that person wants to be like ‘Lidabeth’


Maybe… the mind of a 4 year old is FAR more perceptive than the mind of a 32 year old. 



fancylori says:

Bahaha. Who wouldn’t want to be like Lidabeth? Unfortunately, Chateaux LoriBrown is not taking any new roommates at this time.

Also, the “maybe” line was a bit more like “That is a very distinct possibility…”

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