Life After Divorce

{October 16, 2008}   That Can’t Be A Good Sign…

About a year before our wedding, we attended the wedding of Steve’s good friends Tim & Mandy.  It was a nice wedding, and I ended up catching the bouquet.  Steve almost caught the garter, but someone came flying out of nowhere and snatched it from him.  Oh well.  As part of their table decorations, Mandy had a bunch of little bowls on each table with Beta fish (Siamese fighting fish).  We ended up taking one home with us.  We named our blue Beta Dave The Fish.  That was his full and proper name.  It was used exclusively.  Except when my 4 year old cousin, Lexie, would come over and call him “That fish David.”

So here’s the deal with Dave The Fish… he really hated Steve.  I am not sure why, but he just wasn’t a fan.  He was a blue fish, but when Steve would come home from work, he would turn bright red and start attacking the side of the bowl.  Weirdness.  Anyway, Dave The Fish was a good pet, as he didn’t really do anything and we kind of like that.  A word of warning though… if you are thinking of getting a Beta… they are the dirtiest animals I have ever seen and you have to clean the bowl almost constantly.  Blah.

So… fast forward a year later…

After we got married, we ended up staying the night at a hotel and my friends brought all of our gifts, food, cake, and stuff back to our apartment for us so we didn’t have to deal with it.  We came home the next day and noticed that once again, Dave The Fish’s bowl was pretty gross.  I grabbed one of the bowls from our wedding decorations, which had flowers in it, rinsed it out and transferred Dave The Fish into it while I cleaned his bowl.  Then we went about our business of opening gifts, snacking on leftover wedding food, and stuffing ourselves silly with cake.

Later that night, we were watching TV and Steve looked over and said, “Hey, something is wrong with Dave The Fish.  He is laying on the bottom of his bowl.  Fish don’t lay down, do they??”  Um, not if they are alive they don’t.  And there he was… Dave The Fish.  Laying dead and pale on the bottom of the bowl.  It must have been something left in the bowl from the flowers.  Or maybe Dave The Fish has secretly been hoping I wouldn’t marry Steve, and the shock killed him.  Or he took his own fishy life.  Who knows.

We looked at each other, both thinking the same thing – The fish died the day after our wedding… That can’t be a good sign…

Zrtist says:

Do fish get fish breathe?

Flounder around until the sun bakes our dreams away. Guppies in streams of grey pulsating the days away. Flip flop, flip flop, a way of showing discontent for the day. Salmon colored skies reminds of days gone by. No hope in sight no dreams to come true. Poor little Davie we will miss you…

fancylori says:

Is it wrong that these get more and more hilarious?!

That fish David!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. OMG. This one is much too funny for me to handle. I’m sorry. I’m going to pass out now.

Poor Dave the Fish.


Lindstrom says:

If you ever what to get a betta fish again, just cheak out my blog, it has lots of information on betta fish.

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