Life After Divorce

{October 16, 2008}   A Beautiful, Romantic Getaway to… Colonial Williamsburg??

I was in the midst of graduate school when Steve and I got married, so we had to wait a few weeks after the wedding to go on our honeymoon.  We debated for months on where we should go.  I thought we should go somewhere fun and tropical.  He shot down every idea I threw out there.  My best friend’s mother gave us our honeymoon as a wedding present.  Well, she let us use their timeshare condo for a week, wherever we wanted to go.  It was a great gift.  But, we just couldn’t decide.  Or, he just wouldn’t agree with one of my fantastic ideas (this trend will continue for years).

So, we are looking through the condo book trying to pick a location when Steve stumbles upon Colonial Williamsburg.  I am like… What??  That sounds ridiculously lame.  I am not really into a lot of historical trips, especially after spending countless summers visiting Civil War battle fields, graveyards, and other less than fun experiences as we were drug along on my dad’s history vacations.  But, by this time, I was pretty worn down by the experience, so I finally relented.

So, two weeks after the wedding, we were dropped off at the airport at the butt crack of dawn to make our way to the east coast.  We had a layover in Atlanta, which is my least favorite airport on the planet, but whatever… at least it was short.  I will say this – When we got to Virginia, it is absolutely gorgeous.  We were there mid-May and it was just lovely.  We made the drive from Newport News to Williamsburg to find the condo.  It was a really nice, one-bedroom condo with a living room, dining room, and full kitchen.  We got settled in – which meant we went into separate rooms… and read our books.  Sooooo romantic [eye roll].

We were there for a week and literally went out just a few times.  We spent one full day at Colonial Willamsburg.  If you haven’t been to this place – the biggest freaks on Earth are located here.  They have people who live that lifestyle full time – no electricity, no knowledge of the outside world… weird.  Then there are people who stay in character, but are actually familiar with a TV.  But they won’t break character for anything.  We took the tours, pictures, the whole nine yards.  I was bored silly.  We also took a day trip to Jamestown, and another to Yorktown.  That was it.  The rest of the time was spent sleeping in and reading.  I think that was the only time I had ever seen Steve read a book.  That stands to this day.

A word of warning though… when taking pictures of your honeymoon condo… especially in bathrooms with mirrors… do not do that thing naked.  Just sayin’…

This begins a long history of really boring vacations together.


Zrtist says:

The history of a beautiful marriage and first night of romance…get away…

Bringing cannons to stand ground with fire booming all around. A general’s cry as and the inevitable tie of two sided beasts fighting for ground. Daylight shows the souls what’s left of man. As time goes by and memories only a cry, we forget the tossed times of our plans. Separated by hopes and dreams, we stand and cling to our favorite times as friends. Just friends…

Aw, I can’t belive you honeymooned in Colonial Williamsburg! Where’s the romance in that? 😦 Steve was a man who couldn’t compromise I see.. grrr, I hate those types (and I’ve dated those types)!

fancylori says:

This is another blog that is both horrible and hilarious. Horrible that you spend your honeymoon where you did. Hilarious the way you tell it!!

Never stay married to a man who shoots down your fabulous ideas for several years in a row. I did it. It was less than awesome.

And seriously? Naked? Let me guess who did that…

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