Life After Divorce

{October 13, 2008}   Responding to Search Terms

I am going to take a quick break from my story to respond to search engine terms which have brought people to my blog.  I think some of them are funny, and would love to share.  Enjoy!

He says it hard to love you after 17 years – Well, my friend, he is a dick.  I know that this is a blog about a relationship crashing and burning at the end of a very short runway, but anyone who would say that to you is really just a jerk.  Time should have no bearing on love.  Behavior, on the other hand, is a different animal entirely.  Good luck to you.

littlemissobsessivexo… Little Miss Obsessive has been a loyal reader since the beginning of my blog (last month) and I think her blog is hella funny!  Check her out!  She even gave me a blog award!

i love you, but i am not in love with an – With an what???  An animal?  an asshole?  I don’t get it!  I hate when the search term cuts off!  Or did it…?  “I love you, but I am not IN love with you” sucks to hear every single time.  Kind of like, “I love you like a sister.”  Yeah, then stop sleeping with me, you weirdo. [shudder]

i love you but i am mad at you – It happens.  Try to work on communicating clearly, even when you are angry.  Focus on what is important.  Also, remember, if it isn’t meant to be, don’t kill yourself trying to work out something that will never work out.  Believe me – red flags burning in the night, and all that jazz.

I trust you because – Again, I don’t know if this one got cut out, or if it is a declarative like, “Because I said so.”  Trust is so important in a relationship.  When there is no trust, there is no relationship.  Believe me… it all goes downhill from there.  You have to be able to work through situations or know when to move on, or else you are creating a situation that is unhealthy for everyone involved.

how do I know if I am in love with my boyfriend– Well, I don’t think typing that question into a search engine will yield the results you are after.  Give it some time and feel it out.  You should want to be with that person all the time.  It SHOULD be reciprocated… There is a fine line between love & stalking.  Just sayin’…

Love and Trust completely– Good luck with that.  In relationships, we are two (or more if you are Hef) human beings trying to come together.  We will always have baggage (although some people bring a little overnight bag, while others are toting Imelda Marcos’ entire shoe collection) coming into the relationship.  It is how well we can make these things fit into the closet which will define us over time.

I love this one person but he doesn’t really like me – Cut and run, my friend.  Nothing good can come from that.

My guy likes to go out and not call me – Yeah, they all do that.  Setting expectations can help that.  Also not being with someone who is a lying, cheating bastard will help too.  Again, see trust.

Romance – Not in this blog, honey!  Oh, there have been attempts… but most have fallen under the heading “Operation This-Will-Not-End-Well”

Am I in Love– I don’t know.  I can’t imagine that you expect Google to respond with, “YES!  Jane Doe, you are, in fact, in love. And you have herpes.  Congratulations.  Here is a link to Valtrex.”  I think that we have gotten a little too involved with technology and a little too trusting in the information we will receive online.  Somethings, you will just have to feel.

a0m0y7.wordpress… Amy’s Blog.  Funny stuff!

Start of relationship told me its friends – Sometimes a relationship can start as friendship and will blossom into romantic love.  Most will not.  Be sure you can handle the situation and remain friends if it is the latter.

Date someone not in love with them – I assume this is usually the case with dating.

BastardAnd how!!

He slept with someone when we was just hanging out – Run away!

Silence is deafening in relationships  – It really can be.  Listen to that silence.

Why don’t my work friends ask me to hang out – It sounds like you might be a little needy?  Just a guess…

Anyway, I will resume blogging the demise of my marriage soon.


Aw thanks for the shout out. 🙂

I LOVE the search terms feature on WordPress.. people google the silliest things!!

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